Cilaos Village
Cirque de Mafate Peaks and Gulleys
Piton des Neiges
Piton de la Fournaise landscape
Reunion Island from high above
Treking on Reunion Island
Reunion Island
...not your average tropical destination
Stunning landscape of Reunion Island

An island of true contrasts, the French department of Reunion is unknown to many of the world's travelers. That's unfortunate! This unique island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is simply one of the most intriguing spots on earth.

Not as well-known as nearby Mauritius or the not-so-far-away British Seychelles, little Reunion seems but a speck in the vast ocean, dwarfed by Madagascar, located 500 miles to the west. The French know the island well but only the very well-traveled have ever stepped foot on Reunion's varied and enticing terrain.

With an active volcano on its south coast, 17 miles of warm, welcoming beaches in the west, and lots of mountains and forests in between, Reunion Island offers vacation opportunities ranging from relaxing to truly insane. If you're looking for a place to "chill out", you'll find it here. But if you're the kind of vacationer who prefers an adrenaline rush over a sunburn, the possibilities are endless. From hiking Reunion's unique "cirques" or canyoning the island's many waterfalls to scuba diving or surfing in the clear waters that surround this tiny 30-mile-wide island, adventure activities abound for vacationers hoping to do something a little daring while on their Reunion holiday.

Reunion Island rocky shore

Often referred to as an "intense" island, Reunion can be as different as night and day, depending on where you travel within the island.

Reunion Island Hints and Tips

If you keep a few tips in mind and plan properly, your trip to Reunion Island will no doubt result in a hassle-free, enjoyable holiday.

Hint and Tips
Cirque de Mafate Peaks and Gulleys

Most often referred to as natural amphitheaters, these cirques - Salazie, Cilaos, and Mafate - are all a bit different, each attracting travellers that are looking for a true adventure.

The Cirques
Piton de la Fournaise treking path

The most dominant geological feature on the island, Piton des Neiges may be an old, eroded volcano but it's also a favorite destination of hikers who come from all around the world to explore the area.

Cilaos Village

If you're hoping that part of your trip to Reunion will include time spent on the beach, you'll no doubt want to head for St Gilles les Bain, the island's premiere sunbathing destination.

Towns and Villages
Treking on Reunion Island

Making your way through the island on foot gives you a chance to see the sights up-close and to mingle with friendly island residents at the little farms and villages that dot the island.


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