Adrenalin Sports

If you're looking for nail-biting, teeth-gritting, wind-in-your-hair excitement while on your Reunion Island holiday, you certainly won't be disappointed.

Plenty of visitors may be content basking in the island sun, but if you're not that kind of traveller, you can take to the water, climb Reunion's mountains and waterfalls, or even sail the blue skies over the island's stunning beaches. You might even do all these activities in just one trip, thanks to the compact size of the island, making your holiday a true multi-sport adventure.

Hang gliding

If hanging from a large kite while sailing above Reunion's diverse topography sounds like the sport for you, then you'll be among the many visitors to this island who will choose to try their hand at the sport of hang gliding. You don't necessarily need to be an experienced hang glider to enjoy this sport while on holiday in this amazing island. Plenty of qualified guides are available to accompany you as you experience your very first ride on Reunion's gentle trade winds and their guidance will insure your safety as well.


A cross between hang gliding and parachuting, paragliding involves riding a large "parafoil," fashioned with a harness, from which riders hang while gliding from a height. Reunion Island is a paradise for this free-flying sport, with the weather providing more than 300 clear days a year to enjoy this pursuit, according to the island's many paragliding experts. Riders can fly alone or in tandem. Even children can enjoy these two-person flights, sharing the fun of adrenalin sports with their adventurous parents.


If you're not intimidated by the prospect of paddling on the waters of a vast ocean, then you'll probably enjoy sea kayaking. This sport has gained many fans throughout the last few decades, especially in places such as Alaska or island locations like Reunion. Sea kayaks are larger and faster than traditional recreational kayaks and the chance to explore Reunion Island's coast and coastal wildlife can be quite fascinating. Many outfitters offer guided sea kayaking tours, providing all the equipment you'll need for a safe trip on the Indian Ocean.


The rivers in Reunion are perfect for whitewater adventure, with kayaks used most often in the narrow upper river reaches and larger rafts used to navigate the rapids below. You'll find the sights to be breathtaking as you travel past magnificent waterfalls and through tall canyons on a wet and exciting adventure. Outfitters who lead guided rafting tours cater to rafters of all ages and skill levels, providing the latest state-of-the-art whitewater equipment to ensure your safety. Before you plan on rafting, however, check the water levels on the island. During the dry season, the rivers can be too low to navigate.


Canyoning isn't a new sport but it's only recently gained popularity with a growing number of adrenalin sports junkies. It's best described as the process of hiking, climbing, or rappelling (or a combination of all three) to the bottom of a river canyon, then following that canyon to a logical exit point, usually a spot at which it's fairly easy to hike back out. Reunion Island is one of the world's premiere canyoning destinations, thanks to its diverse interior terrain, which includes mountains, waterfalls, craters, and plenty of other natural wonders. Grab a buddy, hire an experienced guide, and prepare to get wet!

Sea Watersports

A host of additional watersports will make your Reunion Island holiday memorable for years to come. Boating enthusiasts can choose from all sorts of vessels, from breezy catamarans to luxury yachts. If you prefer, climb aboard a jet ski or try your hand at water skiing or windsurfing. Ride the waves at St Leu on your custom surfboard or strap on a tank and get ready to hobnob with the fish that swim among the coral reefs that surround the island. If you're an avid angler, you'll want to experience some deep-sea fishing in the waters of the Indian Ocean, where you can catch blue marlin, sailfish, blue fin tuna, sea bream, and pompano.

Sky Diving

The thermal drafts of Reunion Island make it the ideal place for just about any kind of gliding sport, including sky diving. Even if you haven't tried sky diving previously, there couldn't be a more beautiful place to make your first jump. Novices can jump in tandem with an instructor, requiring a minimal amount of training before you step out of the airplane. Experienced sky divers will have a variety of choices for landing spots and will be awed by the site of Reunion from thousands of feet in the air.