Cirque de Salazie

Located about 45 kilometers from Reunion's capital city of St-Denis, Cirque de Salazie is the largest and greenest of the island's three natural amphitheatres. This cirque is both rugged and beautiful, best described as a long, deep canyon, lined with more than 100 magnificent waterfalls and full of hills and valleys ripe for exploration.

One of the most breathtaking sites of this cirque is the towering waterfall known as Le Voile de la MariƩe, its many trickles of water said to resemble the tulle fabric of a wedding gown. Get your camera ready as you'll want to remember this sight for years to come!

Once you've hiked the hills and gone canyoning through Cirque de Salazie's steep gorges, you'll want to make a stop at the cozy village of Hell-Bourg. Hell-Bourg has been the recipient of France's coveted "most beautiful French villages" award. This enchanting little mountain town is Creole culture at its finest, boasting enchanting Creole houses and colourful flower gardens that simply delight the eye. Be sure to tour Mansion Folio, opened to the general public, and providing an excellent example of Creole architecture and Salazie lifestyle. This town was also once famous for its thermal springs, not unlike neighboring Cirque de Cilaos. Though the hot springs have disappeared, you can still visit the Hotel des Thermes in Hell-Bourg.

Finding a good time to explore Cirque de Salazie can be difficult at times as the area is often covered with fog and mist. However, if your schedule is flexible and you can find a sunny day, you'll be treated to some of the most amazing scenery on the island. As a matter of fact, most residents and seasoned travellers believe that this is indeed the most beautiful of all the cirques.