Most avid trekkers would view Reunion Island as a premiere destination for their favorite activity, technically defined as "a journey on foot, especially in the mountains." While trekkers may not spend all their time in Reunion's highlands as the definition dictates, it's the diverse terrain of this fascinating island that makes trekking so interesting and so much fun.

Making your way through the island on foot gives you a chance to see the sights up-close and to mingle with friendly island residents at the little farms and villages that dot the island. Many trekkers head directly to the island's three cirques to explore these ancient craters and touch the crumbling ground where volcanoes once stood. Nearby forests are full of lush vegetation as well as interesting wildlife, including an amazing array of winged creatures, all waiting to be explored.

If you're a trekker that prefers the higher altitudes, you'll love it here! The summit of Piton des Nieges climbs to over 3,000 meters, and Piton de la Fornaise, the island's active volcano - which has erupted as recently as 1986 - rises to about 2,600 meters and is a favorite destination among trekkers.