St Leu

If you've arrived at Reunion Island with your surfboard in tow, you'll probably be heading directly for St Leu, the island's number one surfing location.

Situated on the central west coast, this welcoming town is a favorite with local boarders as well. Surfing enthusiasts from all around the world pay homage to the area's fine "left hand" waves, so you're sure to meet surfers from a number of different countries, all coming together to enjoy the black sand beach and the clear water.

While most of Reunion doesn't look like a typical beach destination, St Leu certainly boasts plenty of palm trees and other things you'd find in a quintessential beach town, like quirky surfer bars and fun places to grab a bite to eat.

Accommodations here fit a wide range of budgets, from rather pricey resorts to basic business hotels that cater to those in search of a more affordable place to stay during their holiday in Reunion Island.