Piton des Neiges

The highest point on the island of Reunion, Piton des Neiges soars to 3,070 meters. The most dominant geological feature on the island, located in the north central region of Reunion, Piton des Neiges may be an old, eroded volcano but it's also a favorite destination of hikers who come from all around the world to explore the area.

Piton des Neiges occupies much of the northwestern two-thirds of the island. Unlike the island's other famous volcano, this one has been inactive for approximately 20,000 years. Its name translates as "Snow Peak", but you certainly won't be doing any skiing here. You will, however, often find a little bit of snow dusting the top of the mountain as you look towards Reunion's blue sky.

The road to the summit is described as a "walk-up", not a particularly difficult climb for healthy individuals. Many additional hiking trails surround the area, appropriate for a variety of skill levels. Avid climbers also flock to this area for a little adventure with the best months for climbing being May through November, when the weather is dry.

Visitors will find a biological reserve on the lower slopes of the Piton des Neiges. A stop here will allow guests to learn about many of the 200+ varieties of plants and the many species of animals that are found on this volcanic island. One of four on the island, this reserve was set up about 40 years ago because residents of the island and the government of France were both quite concerned about preserving Reunion Island's unique biome.