The Cirques

As a volcanic island, the topography of Reunion Island is unique and craggy, with the island's most enticing natural formations being its three cirques, formed as the inside of Piton des Neiges - the volcano that gave birth to Reunion Island - and further shaped by centuries of erosion.

Most often referred to as natural amphitheaters, these cirques - Salazie, Cilaos, and Mafate - are all a bit different, each attracting travellers that are looking for a true adventure. Some come here for the incredible canyoning excursions. Others want to hike the hundreds of kilometers of trails that traverse the cirques. Some spend their holiday in Reunion mountain biking while others choose a more relaxing trek with stops along the way to explore the cirque's enticing mountain villages.

No matter which cirque you visit and what activity you choose, you'll be treated to breathtaking scenery, friendly locals, and world-class adventure.all wrapped up into one magnificent little island.